Lisa Squitieri

Knowledgeable & Experienced Englewood Criminal Lawyer

When your liberty and freedom are on the line you want an experienced criminal trial attorney. At Boyd & Squitieri you can rest assured that you are placing your life in our experienced hands. Lisa Squitieri, Esq. is a retired Chief Assistant Prosecutor with over 25 years of experience in the criminal law field. She has tried over one hundred jury and non jury trials in her career and she is not afraid to step into the courtroom and fight. She and her associates will work tirelessly and around the clock to get you the best possible outcome. Navigating the criminal justice system can be very scary, especially if you or your loved one is detained. Lisa Squitieri and her team will be there to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Lisa Squitieri’s expertise is sought out by the police, DYFS, Prosecutor Offices, and other governmental agencies.

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Megan’s Law

The demands of complying with Megan’s Law are extremely burdensome on a person’s life, but you have options. Lisa Squitieri has been litigating Megan’s Law tier and termination hearings since the law’s inception back in 1994. She ran the Megan’s Law Unit for the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office and personally handled all aspects of the registration/tiering/Termination process. Her experience with Megan’s Law tier hearings and termination hearings is unmatched. Lisa Squitieri handles:

•Tier Hearings
•Tier Reduction Motions
•Change in Circumstances Motions
•Termination of Megan’s Law requirements
•Termination of Parole Supervision For Life
•Termination of Community Supervision For Life
•Parole Conditions Modifications

Domestic Violence

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or facing domestic violence charges you need to have an experienced litigator on your side. If facing an impending Final Restraining Order hearing you need to protect yourself. In New Jersey a Final Restraining Order, if awarded by the Court, has the potential to last forever and negatively impact your life. Lisa Squitieri has over 25 years of trial attorney experience and exceptional negotiation skills to get you the best result possible. Lisa Squitieri and her team have experience in handling domestic violence matters for both sides. No legal issue or set of facts is too complicated.

Sexual Assault

Being charged with a Sexual Assault can be very scary. The consequences of pleading guilty to a Sexual Assault charge in New Jersey are extremely serious. Mandatory prison time and having to comply with Megan’s Law and Parole Supervision requirements are just a few of the consequences. Don’t trust just anyone with your case and don’t let your liberty and freedom be placed in the Court’s hands. Call Boyd & Squitieri today and let them fight for you. Lisa Squitieri has over 25 years of trial attorney experience and is a retired Chief Assistant Prosecutor in charge of the Sexual Investigations Unit. Her trial experience and superior negotiating skills will get you results so you can get your life back.

Title IX

Schools, colleges and universities across the country created policies to prohibit Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence on their campuses, which are mandated to be enforced under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Being accused of violating these types of policies can have a devastating effect on a person such as barring an accused from continuing his education until the matter has been investigated by the educational institution, which can be a lengthy and burdensome process. Furthermore, Title IX is separate and distinct from any potential adjoining criminal charges that the municipality can bring against you. Hiring an attorney during this process is necessary to ensure that the school conducts a fair and unbiased investigation of the allegations . Lisa Squitieri spent much of her 25-year career as a Prosecutor handling Sexual Assault investigations and specifically working on Sexual Assaults that occurred on college campuses. She is intimately knowledgeable in defending a person who has been accused under Title IX and subject to a hearing as well as any adjoining criminal investigation.


Having to get the phone call that your child has been arrested is a parent’s worst nightmare. If you have a child who has been arrested for a criminal offense it is essential that you hire an experienced attorney to advocate on his/her behalf and help you navigate through the complicated layout of the criminal justice system. Lisa Squitieri’s team has experience handling Juvenile cases from both the prosecutorial side and defense side and will work tirelessly to ensure that being arrested will not ruin your child’s future.

If you need help with your criminal case, look no further than Lisa Squitieri. Call us today at 201-8949-9800 to schedule your free, in-person consultation.